Continuous Management

If SEI managers are chosen, dedicated analysts continuously and rigorously monitor their philosophy, process, and performance. In addition, they use sophisticated technology capabilities – checking portfolio holdings and trades, and ensuring that the investment portfolio is aligned with the overall strategy and objectives. No matter how thorough the evaluation process, even the most careful investment plan is subject to the natural fluctuations of the markets. SEI addresses such inevitable change through a two-step process of continuous portfolio management.

First, the asset mix of SEI’s portfolios is periodically rebalanced to their targeted points. This is designed to reduce risk and keep a specific investment strategy on track. Second, through ongoing monitoring and manager reviews, SEI ensures that the manager’s investment approaches remain consistent with the objectives of their segments of the investment portfolio. And if SEI’s analysis indicates that a management firm has deviated from its philosophy or failed to achieve stated goals, that manager can be replaced. Because taxes play an integral role in our investment process, a special focus on tax management can be employed to control implications within your portfolio and to help you enhance after-tax returns.