Philanthropic Planning

QUERY: What will become of your assets? Estate planning professionals point out that for estates with substantial assets, the passage of ATRA 2012 still permits your family heirs to keep a part of the estate. But they cannot keep the significant portion taxed-away by state inheritance and federal estate taxes. Unless we choose in advance to direct a portion to charities of our choice, substantial taxes will be taken (and government agencies will determine how that portion of your assets will be distributed). Philanthropic planning helps you CONTROL THE TRANSFER OF MORE OF YOUR ASSETS while also helping you avoid multiple layers of taxation during your lifetime. If you want to learn more, included in our planning process you can receive detailed projections illustrating how these available planning tools and strategies could be coordinated to satisfy your personal lifetime cash flow needs, benefit the charitable entities of your choice, and obtain significant tax savings and benefits. The result could be a win/win solution for everyone.